AIREDANSE student and performer, Claire Lindstrom, uses the physicality of aerial dance to depict 5 psychiatric conditions for her academic project. 

AIREDANSE student Nancy Scherich is SCIENCE Magazine's international winner of the 2017 Dance Your PhD contest. See our collaboration!

“Lauren…YOUR DANCERS AND YOU ARE GORGEOUS…we had comment after comment about your routines, and how GENEROUS of you to donate (all of you) your time, heart and art with all of us to enjoy.”Stefani Canin-Mullen, Dream Foundation

"Lauren is capable of teaching people of all experience levels and backgrounds. She has an amazing ability to understand what works best with each student and gives clear, understandable advice to improve upon those skills. She brings a positive attitude and contagious energy to every session. Working with her has taught me so much about aerial and myself as a performer!" Eric Boesser

"I actually learned AIREDANSE to perform in an event last December. I am in the fitness industry and dancing with the silks was something totally new to me. It is an amazing workout physically, as well as mentally. I have never felt so free, strong and creative! After I give birth to my twins, I'll be right back at it, and I can't wait to take more classes from Lauren. AIREDANSE is not only a part of my workout regimen it's part of my weekly self-care regimen! Thank you Lauren for creating something so inspirational, so free and so positive for the mind, body and soul!"
Jenny Schatzle

"AIREDANSE is SO MUCH FUN! The classes have made me so much more confident, graceful, strong, and badass! I love AIREDANSE's emphasis on dance (in every class you learn floor work and an aerial sequence that you then get to flow through to music), and I also love the opportunities to perform! Lauren can have you performing within a few months if you're interested, but there's never any pressure to perform if you don't want to. But, trust me, a few classes with Lauren and you will be dying to show off your skills in front of a crowd! I had been doing aerial silks (twin tails) for a while before I started training with Lauren, but she introduced me to hammock and it has become one of my favorite apparatuses. The location (Santa Barbara Dance Center) is perfect with high ceilings and a full wall mirror so you can watch yourself do the moves. 

In addition to being a great studio and experience, AIREDANSE is a community and a family. It's always such a welcoming and supportive environment. And Lauren's playlists are always killer, by the way!"
 – Yelp


"AIREDANSE has helped me realize what the body is truly capable of. It has been one of the most physically and emotionally rewarding experiences of my life!"
Jessie Padula

"AIREDANSE allows me to express my free spirit. And, I love that it makes my body stronger! The added dimension of the hammock has allowed me to further expand my contemporary dance vocabulary, and as a choreographer, my artistic palette!" Kara Stewart

"I am so excited to FINALLY get back to aerial dance with Lauren Breese! Check her out and come take a class! She's amazing!"Kaleena Quarles

"I highly recommend this class! Go check them out! Great low impact strength training workout and lots of fun! – Kimberly Sorensen

"We came to Santa Barbara as part of a weekend getaway. We took Lauren's class and all had varying levels of adventure. Lauren made the class fun and relevant to our bachelorette party!"Yelp

"Santa Barbara is very lucky to have AIREDANSE. Lauren is an extremely talented, patient, caring, knowledgable, and kind dance instructor. She will challenge you, support you, and literally and figuratively lift you up. Students are never rushed or pushed to do things they aren't comfortable with, but you will be amazed with how quickly these classes will help you build strength, self confidence, and grace. I love that the classes offer dance training and aerial together. Classes are great for all levels, even if you've never done any sort of dance or gymnastics, you'll feel completely welcome and included. Love this studio!" Yelp