BASSH at the New Vic Theater, March 22 - 23

AIREDANSE will inspire and entertain with 3 multimedia aerial and dance extravaganzas in this exciting show – a Santa Barbara dance theater favorite! Tickets: www.etcsb.org

Darwinism meets the story of Adam and Eve in a visual feast

A hypnotic journey into an exotic world accompanied by explosive visuals

Chairs meet air in this sassy women’s empowerment showcase

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ENVISION: Humanity
February 15 – 16 | Center Stage Theater | 7:30 PM

In his latest ENVISION production, show producer Hector Sanchez brings local dance talent and visionaries together for ENVISION: Humanity, February 15–16 at Center Stage Theater.

A theatrical representation of today’s changing world, the show promises to entertain, inspire and educate audiences of all ages. Collaborating artists weave intricate stories about life and society while highlighting local and global social movements in a multimedia presentation intricately blending contemporary, aerial and other dance styles with imagery and music.

The AIREDANSE Collective, specializing in captivating aerial duets and dance, presents seven new works choreographed specifically for the show by AIREDANSE Director, Lauren Breese, and company.

Special guest, Nathaniel Gray, will speak about The Santa Barbara Project: A photographic journey into the diverse landscape of over 200 people that call Santa Barbara home.

Also featured are contemporary, ballroom and tribal choreographers and dancers, Meredith Cabaniss of Selah Dance Collective, Vasily Golovin and Jatila van der Veen of Dance Fever, and Krischana Thompsen of Aurora Moon Tribe.

The show is at Center Stage Theater, an intimate black box theater located upstairs in the Paseo Nuevo mall at the intersection of Chapala and De la Guerra streets. Shows are Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $33 General and $28 for seniors and students.

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PAST Performances

ENVISION HUMANITY • Center Stage Theater, February 2019

MYSTIQUE: Wicked! • Santa Barbara Dance Center, November 3, 2018

DREAM FOUNDATION • ENDLESS SUMMER DREAM • Nesbitt Estate, September 2018

ENVISION: MYSTIQUE • Santa Barbara Dance Center, July 2018

BASSH: New Vic Theater, March 2018

ENVISION: A NEW BEGINNING • Center Stage Theater, February 2018

ENVISION: DREAMSCAPE • Center Stage Theater, October 2017

ENVISION: LOVESUITE • Santa Barbara Dance Center, July 2017

BASSH: AIREPLAY • New Vic Theater, April 2017

ENVISION: AIREPLAY • Center Stage Theater, October 2016

Video Works:

  • Representations of the Braid Groups, an award-winning project produced by PhD candidate Nancy Scherich. Find her video on YouTube #mathdance.

  • Psychiatric Arts Project, produced by Claire Lindstrom, currently completing her nursing studies. Find her video on YouTube at airedanse.

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