We're proving fitness can be more fun than you ever imagined!

From start to finish, every AIREDANSE class is pure body bliss. We get the party started with a warm up and dance routine that fires up your core. Tuned in, we take to the air to learn gravity-defying aerial moves that build strength, agility and grace. Your journey culminates in an opportunity to unapologetically express yourself while dancing to music that inspires!

Whether it’s your first or your 50th class these sessions are guaranteed to increase strength, perfect your technique and smooth out your transitions. 

  • New students work on basic inversions, wraps, climbs and pullovers
  • Returning students are encouraged to challenge their strength, perfect pullovers, smooth out transitions and add spins!

Prerequisite: An adventurous spirit.

Take your strength and skills to new heights in these classes designed to guide you through more complex wraps, transitions between skills, mastering flips, spins, and perfecting the details! 

Note: The Saturday 11:00 AM class is a mixed aerial silks fabrics class: Experience the challenge of climbing, wrapping and flying in our twin tail apparatus! 

Not sure if this class is right for you? Give us a call at 805.966.1409. Most students with good body awareness can handle this class: Our aim is always to help you train at a level that is appropriate for each stage of your journey!

In classes combined with Studio Play we’ll warm you up, fire up your core, learn a new skill or revisit the most noteworthy ideas and then cut you loose to explore on your own! Need problem solving? We’re there to assist.

Ideal for students with a few skills already under their belts! 

AIREDANSE On-Stage Collective
Experience the fun and adventure of learning and perfecting AIREDANSE choreography! Develop show-worthy routines and dance alongside your fellow flyers in this exciting, skill-perfecting program. You'll have opportunities to share your skills in studio performances, in local theater productions, and on our YouTube channel. The AIREDANSE Collective is your opportunity to shine, while contributing your unique gifts to making visual magic!

Prerequisites: Strong command of AIREDANSE skills and a desire to perform.

Work on skills, create a personalized plan, set goals or work on choreography in these YOU–focused sessions! Sessions may be shared with up to 3 other people (Total 4). Call to schedule.

We'll help you customize your bachelorette party, company team building event, or other special occasion. There's nothing like a little aerial dance to make your event more adventurous and memorable! Call to schedule.

Every AIREDANSE class is accompanied by an awesome playlist.
Do let us know if you have any special music requests!

Never more than 2 students per apparatus: 
Advance reservations are recommended.

Not sure which class level is appropriate for you? Give us a call at 805.966.1409