People come to us curious about flight. But the heart and soul of the AIREDANSE Collective is discovering each individual's unique and strange superpowers. We are artists, wordsmiths, musicians, mathematicians, movers, dreamers and more! 
Join us.

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Lauren Breese
CEO (Chief Executive Organizer). I lead classes, choreograph, edit our music and videos and ensure all goes down as planned. My wild imagination is bordering on insanity and I have been voted most likely to put you on stage in a hot second. Believe it or not, you can do this!

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Hector Sanchez
Leaps tall buildings while making lightning speed costume changes. If there's a stage to dance on, Hector will help make sure we're there and ready to dance and fly. Together, over the last 20 years we've fused just about every dance style imaginable. We've been accused of a lot of things, but being purists about anything is not one of them.

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Corinne Guichard
Kinda weird, but so cool, Corinne recently performed the world's first spoken word/aerial piece entitled "I Am Not My Knee" – a true story based on the experience of tearing her ACL (and rehabbing in the air!). 

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Kaleena Quarles
A serial roamer, Kaleena travels relentlessly but performs and teaches with AIREDANSE Wednesdays at 6:30 PM when roosting in SB. Fame doesn't go to her head (there’s a YouTube video of her doing an aerial number that has almost 30K views!). She sings, she dances, she flies, and she’s fearless! 

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Nancy Scherich
Nancy is our resident mathematician and choreographer, currently completing her PhD while making math-related dances and videos with AIREDANSE. Find her award-winning video, Representations of the Braid Groups, on YouTube (#mathdance) to see how this brainy aerialist/dancer makes math too cool for school! Discover more about Nancy and her projects here:

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Claire Lindstrom
Claire encountered our colorful flock just one year ago at BASSH. Her first aerial class was shortly thereafter and faster than a hummingbird she was performing with us. Because she did gymnastics as a kid, Claire brings strength, beauty and cool walkovers to AIREDANSE performances!

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Tony Navarro
My first dance collaboration with this amazing talent was in BASSH a few years ago when Tony helped us take one of our pieces to a new level of creepy with his amazing violin playing. He plays with a passion that brings us to tears, and most recently accompanied our epic 20-minute aerial dance drama entitled "Dreamscape."

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Olivia Davi
Liv attacks aerial with superhuman endurance while bringing a depth of movement artistry born of intensive study of a variety of dance disciplines, including modern Middle Eastern dance. She's got the kind of experimental soul we love, and recently made sense out of our hybrid apparatus fondly known as "HammockTail."

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Angela Kolata (AKA Sassy!)
Angela is profound in the funniest of ways and her witty words are destined for a book of Angela-isms. She’s can’t-take-your-eyes-off sassy and if you hang around her enough and you'll start speaking with a twang and tapping into your irreverent side. 

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Eric Boesser
Gravity-defying aerials? Check! Eric also wins the award for appearing on the most local dance show posters. While performing regularly with the AIREDANSE Collective, you can also catch him teaching twin tails with the UCSB Adventure Program.

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Marisa Allan
This self-professed non-dancer found her wings at AIREDANSE and her feet soon followed! Now on her fourth performance with our flock, Marisa attacks the air like a little birdie kicked out of her nest.


Daniela Merlino
It takes an insane kind of brain, knowledge of dance timing, and nerves of steel to call a live show (and MC!) and we couldn't do it without Daniela! 



Anna Bax, Danielle Garcia, Jessie Padula and Joyce Wang took to the air in their first performance at ENVISION in February! Applause! 

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At AIREDANSE we're serious about what we do, but we don't take ourselves too seriously!  

  RAVEN • BASSH 2018